Four Songs for Solo Clarinet


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solo clarinet in B-flat

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I. Strč prst skrz krk (On the central steps of my verandah)
II. Selig ist die Seele (Two-part invention in the Ituri style)
III. Blues in Thirteenths (58 varieties)
IV. El pretencioso zapateado no tan español (An uninformed pastiche)

The first of these four short pastiches is named after a tounge-twister in Czech, even though it is a pastiche of Bulgarian vocal music. The second is a setting of a chorale melody, but arranged in the style of yodeling by pygmies in the Ituri rain forest. The third is in the style of jazz pianist Earl Hines, while the last is an uninformed adaptation of a Spanish folk idiom.

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solo instrumental (non-keyboard)
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