Sonata Academica (Op. 23)


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alto saxophone, piano

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I. Andante con moto
II. Lentissimo, quasi senza misura
III. Allegro non troppo

First Performance: 

Joseph Abad and Elisabeth Tomczyk, 2011.

Composer's note:

The first movement is in a neoclassical style, with two themes in opposing keys, a blustery development, and a conclusive recapitulation. The second movement is an exploration of how the precepts of sonata form may be applied in a serial context. The third movement, in a loose rondo form, serves as a conclusion to the entire work; large-scale harmonic motion from the first movement is balanced (the first movement’s move up from C to E-flat is answered with a move downward from C to A), while making use of some of the melodic gestures heard in the preceding movements.

Ensemble Type: 

solo inst+keyboard
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alto saxophone
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