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harp and live electronics

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Cold Blue Records; Alison Bjorkedalm, harp; release Sep. 2019

Splectra is a work for solo harp with live processing. The work emphasizes:

1) The gradual growth of a simple rising motive from a "tonic" of C, becoming
harmonically richer with the addition of higher pitches in registral positions related
to their appearance as partials on the overtone series above a C fundamental. The
work grows in speed, density, and intensity, throughout, though it pauses and renews
itself for a second burst a little past its durational Golden Mean.

2) Live pocessing that emphasizes upper frequencies of the harp in each section
of the work. These frequencies are themselves related to the harmonic sets of the notes
of each section, and present a timbral analogue to the harmonic structure at each point.
As a result the harmonic spectrum of the instrument becomes increasingly rich as the
piece unfolds. It is this aspect that gives the work its punning title.

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live audio interactive solo or+voice(s) or instruments
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electronic or computer live sound
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