energy flows nervously... in search of stillness


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saxophone quartet

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Assembly Saxophone Quartet, Strasbourg, France (July 10, 2015)

“energy flows nervously . . . in search of stillness” was written for the Assembly Saxophone Quartet, who commissioned the
work and premiered it at the 17th World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg, France (July 10, 2015).

The piece begins with dense intensity as quietly as possible. The tension gradually increases as the dynamic level rises and eventually
reaches fff. At this point, with the harmonic language at its loudest and most dissonant moment, the search for stillness begins and
ultimately finds its destination in calmness and silence. The work was recorded by the Assembly Saxophone Quartet and is available
on AMP Recordings.

Ensemble Type: 

instrumental quartet
woodwinds featured

new engraved edition from 2015 original

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