Inharmonic Fantasy No. 7


Alternate Title: 

Quarter Tone Fantasy

Year Authored (or revised): 



Fixed Media

Instrumentation : 

Fixed Media

Duration (min): 



Recorded on ACA Currents CD

Like my other inharmonic fantasies, this work consists of tones with different components that fade in and out over the course of the duration. In this work, however, the components are squeezed into the interval of a tritone. When this is split into one octave, this results in quarter tones, or notes that are squeezed between the half steps of the 12-tone tempered scale. When split into more than one octave, the components are fractions of quarter tones. The background structure of the piece is based on tempered pitches and can be perceived on the entrances of the notes. The components both fade in and out or are attacked individually. The piece was synthesized by the Csound program in 2018.

Ensemble Type: 

solo audio or video fixed media
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tape (audio) fixed media
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