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solo piano

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Janurary 2019, University of Minnesota, Morris

composer's note:  “Postcards” was commissioned by pianist Ann DuHamel, as part of her “Reimagining Brahms,” project, whereby composers were to write works that were “somehow influenced by Brahms.” My piece is part of a collaborative effort with my friend and fellow composer, Luke Dahn. I composed “The Mountains are Vast,” and sent it to him, and he in turn composed a short movement, which he sent to me, and so forth, much in the way that Brahms and Joachim communicated via letters during the time that Brahms was writing his violin concerto. Each of my short movements utilize a snippet of a Brahms work, or one of the processes in which Brahms used to compose a work, as the nucleus of my “postcards.” Each movement may be performed together, in the order presented in the score, or as individual pieces, alone, or interspersed throughout a program.

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solo keyboard

I. The Mountains are Vast
II. Inter(rupted)mezzo
III. For Clara
IV. Conjurings
V. ps:

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