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voice, pf

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texts by the composer, Black folk poetry, and Nikki Giovanni

Visceral poetry - sacred and secular - written and arranged for voice and piano by Wallace Cheatham. Approximately 30 songs of different lengths, in groupings of Spirituals, Songs of Holy Women, Memoirs, Poetry, Prodigal Tales, etc.

GIOVANNI SONGS are nine songs that use poems from the book SELECTED POEMS OF NIKKI GIOVANNI: renowned poet and professor of English at Virginia Polytechnic.

The poetry in SPIRITUALS comes from the folklore of Black America. With the intricate writing for both the voice and piano, these settings go beyond "arrangements" in the traditional sense.

The poetry in THREE SONGS, EBENEZER, and FROM THE MEMOIRS OF A VISIONARY was penned by the composer.  FROM THE MEMOIRS OF A VISIONARY was composed was composed with the tenor voice in mind but it could be effectively be done  by counter tenor, contralto, or mezzo soprano as well.

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88 pages of music, with additional sections of texts and notes.


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