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$22.25 score
$49.50 set of 10 parts

Year Authored (or revised): 



10 players

Instrumentation : 

fl/altfl, ob/EH, cl/bscl, perc, hp, pf, 2 vln, vla, vcl

Duration (min): 


First Performance: 

UMBC, Inscape Ensemble, April 7, 2019

Night eats color was inspired by Chika Sagawa’s poem entitled “Backside” - as translated by Sawako Nakayasu.

The surreal imagery of Sagawa’s poem evoked for me rhythmic and harmonic patterns based in the language of jazz and rock, filtered through the lens of a chamber ensemble. My musical image of this poignant text is created from motion, transparency and color that evolve through patterns and sound colors created by the ensemble at large and in smaller groupings. These groups sometimes progress like people walking in a crowd—all moving forward, but not always at the same tempo.
Night eats color was written for and is dedicated to Richard Scerbo and Inscape Chamber Orchestra.

Ensemble Type: 

mixed instrumental ens 6 to 15 players
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