Modular Suite for Horn and Piano


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The Modular Suite for Horn and Piano, Op. 30

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horn, piano

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International Horn Society, Brisbane, Australia, 2010

Composer's note: The Modular Suite was written at the request of my friend Rose French, who wanted a multi-movement work that could be rearranged or abridged depending on the performance situation. The work may be performed as a three movement sonata, a slow-fast combination (in the tradition of the Paris Conservatoire contest pieces), or even as a single movement encore. Some of the melodic materials pay homage to the horn repertoire: echoes of Beethoven, Heiden, Dukas, Schumann, Strauss, Mozart, Maxime-Alphonse, Gallay, and Kopprasch all made their way into the work.

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duo inst or voices

Étude " la Petite Difficulté à la Virtuosité"
Recitative and Aria
Dance Rhapsody

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French horn
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