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perc (8) ensemble

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2015 Heartland Marimba Festival

Stonewall Magnificats Op. 43 is a reimagining of one of the two unaccompanied “Stonewall Interludes” from my Glass House Concerto, which I composed for Matthew Coley in 2011. When he asked for a piece for large percussion ensemble four years later, I returned to this work for my germinal materials. The present work is an investigation into the myriad ways in which a composer may magnify isolated moments from a preexisting work. Ideas that might only last a few seconds in the original interlude are now blown up so as to take on an integral structural role in this more substantial piece. During the compositional process, I isolated several gestures, chords, or rhythmic ideas, and subjected them to techniques such as transposition, reordering, and/or more extensive direct repetition. Several ideas come back again and again, including a very active, textural gesture, and steady eighth note ostinati.

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percussion featured
multiples of the same instrument(s)

"Stonewall Magnificats" by Andrew Ardizzoia

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