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4 instruments, more or less

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Instrumentation is open to any acoustic or electronic instruments.
The score is in C and is written as it should sound. Occasional octave displacement, particularly to realize multiphonic or timbral modification, is acceptable.

Fewer or more instruments can realize the music through the use of double stops and multiphonics.
Individual movements may be presented alone or dispersed throughout a concert. When performing all movements in sequence, they should be performed a1acca, without pause. Wind instrument performers should breathe as necessary, while minimizing the interruption of the line or note. Bow changes should be made as seemlessly as possible.

Look for occasion to share responsibility for a line. Perform glissandi for full note values.
Consider idiomatic interpretations of timbral trills, e.g. as open string-fingered note tremolo, or a shared performance. Time is fluid, not rigorously strict.

Ensemble Type: 

instrumental quartet
variable inst or undefined
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