Etudes Constructives


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solo piano

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I - IX (nine movements)

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Margaret Mills recital 12/12/2018 @ Christ & St. Stephens Church NYC

Composer's note: Etudes constructives is a collection of nine piano pieces. The title was influenced by the artwork of the Uruguayan artist Joaquin Torres-Garcia, which I had seen in an exhibit at MOMA. Much of his work have titles including "construction" or "constructive" and are very geometric in form. These ideas have been passed off into these pieces. There is also a running influence of the piano playing of Art Tatum which I was also listening to at the time of composition.

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solo keyboard

Etude I
Etude II
Etude III
Etude IV
Etude V
Etude VI
Etude VII
Etude VIII
Etude IX

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