Harmonic Fantasy No. 3


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electroacoustic computer music

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Composer's note: Harmonic Fantasy No. 3 is a piece based on different series of shifting harmonic partials, mainly limited to the first 24 partials but exceeding that limit in a few cases. The series reflect the harmony of the context in which the notes occur. The partials fade in and out as controlled by a complex envelope, or they are attacked separately and die away. The number of harmonics used vary from as few as 7 to all 24. The piece moves through different passages that explore different harmonies, reaching climaxes in several places followed by quiet interludes. The work was composed in the Fall of 2018 and synthesized with the csound program.

Ensemble Type: 

solo audio or video fixed media

Stereophonic playback. Quad and octaphonic versions will also be available.

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tape (audio) fixed media
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