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$20.50 full score
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large wind ensemble, video

Duration (min): 


Composer's note: Slate is a work that uses video and still photos of of slate in various stages, to contemplate its natural appearance in nature, its being mined and milled, and finally to its use in architecture. The music performed by the wind ensemble supports these different views of the material, moving from gentle woodwind passages to dramatic brass-heavy outbursts.

Ensemble Type: 

band/wind ensemble large
solo or ensemble + video or image projection

Pic, 2 fl, 2ob, 2 bsn, 3 cl, bscl, 2 altosx, tensx, barsx, 3tpt, 4hn, 2tbn, bstbn, 2euph, tba, timp, 4 perc (Xylophone, Marimba, Bass Drum, Wood blocks/Suspended Cymbal);

The video includes a few cues of electronic sound that should be audible to both the conductor and the audience. The playback may require a monitor speaker for the conductor, depending on the size of the hall and the distribution of the speakers for the audience.


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