Symphony No.6, "Dome of Refuge"


Year Authored (or revised): 



3 fl (#3 dbl picc); 2 ob; 3 cl (#3 dbl bscl); 2 bsn; soprano/alto/tenor/baritone saxophones; 4 horns in F; 3 tpt in C; 2 tenor trombones; bass tbn; tuba; timp; 6 perc; harp; piano/synthesizer; strings

Duration (min): 



1. Roots/Foundation
2. Trunks-Limbs/Columns-Capitals
3. Canopy-Dome

First Performance: 

Hartt Symphony Orchestra 3/30/18

In these difficult times, I think many of us just want to crawl under a rock. This work is a response to that desire for safety, though hopefully more constructive than complete withdrawal. We yearn for refuge, for sancturay, no matter what our story or background. As the titles of the movements suggest, this music is a construction, often written with a sense of desperate urgency, by which a haven is created to shelter us from the surrounding psychic storm.

Ensemble Type: 

large orchestra
band/wind ensemble large

Symphony No.6 "Dome of Refuge" (2017)

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