Concerto for Piano and Percussion Orchestra


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piano solo and six percussionists

Instrumentation : 

piano solo, 6 percussion (5-octave marimba, claves, maracas, vibraphone, suspended cymbal, 4 tom-toms, woodblock, two-octave set of crotales, medium tamtam, wood vibraslap, glockenspiel, large tamtam, guiro, tub. bells, temple blks, bass drum)

Duration (min): 

21 minutes


1. Dark and mysterious, 2. Flowing, but not too fast, 3. Rapid and light


Forthcoming, Fall, 2018, on Innova Recordings

First Performance: 

April 7th, 2018, in Tampa, FL. Pianist Eunmi Ko, McCormick Percussion Group, Robert McCormick, director.

My Concerto for Piano and Percussion Orchestra was composed for percussionist Robert McCormick, who first suggested that I write such a piece, and pianist Eunmi Ko, who plays my solo piano music with imagination, grace, and understanding. The choice of a percussion ensemble as the orchestral partner to the piano is also a natural one for me, offering clarity and precision that suits my musical temperament. There are three movements, I. Dark and mysterious, 2. Flowing, but not too fast, and 3. Rapid and light. The six percussionist perform on an array of instruments that include drums, cymbals and gongs, wooden instruments, shakers, and mallet percussion instruments.

note by David Liptak

Ensemble Type: 

solo instrument(s) featured+large ens or orch
percussion featured
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