As the Circle Opens to Infinity...


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$57.50 full score

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septet: fl, cl, tbn, vln, vcl, perc(1), pf

Instrumentation : 

chamber ensemble

Duration (min): 


For Moon Young Ha and Ensemble Mise-En

Ensemble Type: 

mixed instrumental ens 6 to 15 players

Percussion list: Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, 4 Suspended Cymbals (H-L), Sizzle Cymbal, 2 Tom-toms (M, L),
4 Bongos (H-L), Snare Drum, 2 Wood blocks (M, L), Beiging Opera Gong, Tam-tam (L),
Triangle, Almglocken, Tambourine, Maraca, Guiro.

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