Two Choral Settings (Gilbert & Sullivan)


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1. There Grew A Little Flower 2. When Maiden Loves

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Treble Voices SSAA a cappella

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1. There Grew A Little Flower (from RUDDIGORE) (dur. 4 min)
2. When Maiden Loves (from THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD) (dur 2 min)

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W. S. Gilbert -published before 1890) (original music composed by A. S. Sullivan--published before 1890) This work is an arrangement.

Composer's note:  These two settings complete a group of 10 settings, for chorus a cappella (4 each for SATB and TTBB), of arias from G&S operettas made around 2002, with some overlapping titles (e.g., There Grew A Little Flower, arranged for SATB [as one of 4 settings published by ACA] as well as the present SSAA setting). The settings were originally commissioned by a venture publishing firm that went out of business before engraving. Having recently been engraved, all 10 settings will presently by in the ACA catalog. The SSAA setting of There Grew A Little Flower was made in response to the catastrophic events of 09/11/2001 and dedicated "to the fallen: 09/11/2001". The other 9 settings bear no dedication. New arrangement of Two Settings completed in 2018.


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choral a cappella

intermediate to college level -

1. Sop1: Eflat4-Aflat5. Sop2: C4-Eflat5. Alt1: Bflat3-Bflat4. Alt2: G3-Aflat4
2. Sop1: F4-F5. Sop 2: B3-D5. Alt 1: A3-B4. Alt2: F3-B4
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chorus women
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