Inharmonic Fantasy No. 6


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Flute and fixed media (stereo audio file)

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Inharmonic Fantasy No. 6 develops sounds similar to what I have employed in my other inharmonic fantasies. In all these works, the sounds are undergirded by simple melodies which are harmonized with inharmonic elements. In this work, the flute plays the underlining melody explicitly, while the computer plays the inharmonic sounds.

There are two basic kinds of sounds that are used in the piece: those in which the components fade in and out over the course of the tone and those in which the components are attacked individually. These are represented by the instruments that are designated “1" and “2" respectively in the score. The piece begins with the first instrument and then introduces the second, and at the climax both are playing together.

The score does not show the durations of the notes in the fixed media part, except at the beginning and ending; it shows only the attack times and pitches. The score also shows only the underlying notes, not the inharmonic components, of which there are several for each note shown.

The flute should be miked and mixed with the fixed media part so that both always sound at a even level. The dynamic levels range from piano to fortissimo, so this may require some adjustment during the performance.

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solo instrument(s) +audio or video playback
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