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Fixed-media electronics

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Composer's note: A product of my time as a Lucas Artist Fellow at the Montalvo Arts Center in the summers of 2015 and 2016, this piece is created using synthesis techniques modeled after the environment at Montalvo. For example, one synthesis approach imitates how crickets produce sound by rubbing their legs together by using a synthetic model of a string. Hilltop at Montalvo is a smaller, composed version of the original work, which is designed for performance on the Montalvo hilltop with speakers placed in trees and elsewhere around the hilltop. The music is performed near the threshold of hearing so that it can be confusing whether the source of the sound is the natural environment or synthesized. Sound is accompanied by Paul Clipson’s film projection and additional lighting. Another feature of the work as conceived for the hilltop performance is that the sound of the local environment controls the synthesis of sound and control of lighting. More information can be found at http://www.scottlmiller.net/index.php?cID=150

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solo audio or video fixed media

The piece can be presented by playing the WAV file through a stereo or quadrophonic playback system

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