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solo guitar, fixed media audio

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Meditation is a structured improvisation for guitar and electronic sound, a meditation on the note E. It was written for Dan Lippel, originally developed as a real-time electronics piece with Dan, using Symbolic Sound's Kyma. The performer improvises based on the material in each box, beginning at the time indicated. Transitions to--or incorporation of--the material in subsequent boxes begins at the time indicated. Material from prior boxes may be maintained/ juxtaposed with each subsequent box, but should be abandoned before moving to the next box in the series after that.

The electronic sound is in the form of the accompanying stereo WAV file, Meditation_Electronics_Part.wav. CUEs 1, 2, and 3 mark the introduction of sonically distinct material in the electronics.

Alternatively, CUEs 1, 2, and 3 indicate when to trigger the accompanying Max patch, Meditation_CUES.maxpat. CUEs 1 and 3 will randomly select from an array of prerecorded cues of similar, but varying length and content. CUE 2 will always be the same. CUE 1 always begins with 30 seconds of silence, and will overlap with CUE 2. CUE 2 will overlap with CUE 3. All CUEs will have faded out by 8:30. The guitar improvisation should conclude before the end of the electronic sound.
The CUEs are stereo, triggered by space bar or USB pedal in the Max patch. The Max patch may be played back on Macintosh and Windows computers, running in Cycling74's Max app, running either in full or demo-mode.

It may be necessary to amplify the guitar with microphones.

N.B. The WAV file begins with 30 seconds of silence.

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solo instrument(s) +audio or video playback
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electric guitar
tape (audio) fixed media
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