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Soprano, flute

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A Musical Instrument

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The text, "Music" by Amy Lowell is from Monroe, Harriet, ed. Poetry: A Magazine of Verse. Chicago: 1914. The text for "A Musical Instrument" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning was published in 1860 with a collection of works called Poems Before Congress.
I endeavored to create a musical setting that echoed the tone and form of these elegant, descriptive poems. The texts use simple prose to paint intriguing scenes of a humble garden viewed in various seasons. Recurring images of flora, fauna, and landscape form an understated structure for both text that is reflected in the music.
The two Flutesongs were composed in the winter and spring of 2017. They use the same musical ideas to describe the transformative powers of music: to create great beauty and inspire wonderful dreams.

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voice(s)+ 1 inst or tape playback non-keyboard
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