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2222 222+bstbn timp perc(2) SATB chorus with solo quartet, solo soprano, child's voice

Instrumentation : 

orchestra, mixed chorus, mixed vocal quartet, soprano solo , and high female/male child’s voice

Duration (min): 


Text Source/Author: 

R. Brent Beerman

composer's note: The text is innovative and relevant to our society and culture. Essentially grounded in Old Testament words, R. Brent Beerman, Los Angeles playwright, has revolutionized this text making it  creative, inclusive, and far-reaching for our society and times. This work certainly can be considered as a Feminist statement; I prefer to reference it as a universalist statement for all  human-kind. Written in four movements, it begins with the book of Genesis and the creation of human-kind, evolving through acts of original sin, referencing and assigning blame, dealing with guilt, shame and grief, ultimately leading us to a path of acceptance of ourselves, our responsibility, and ultimately deep forgiveness. The work does strike a significant and unique chord for feminism, particularly aimed at young women, helping them realize that they can love no one prior to loving themselves; again, a message all of 3us can afford to hear.

Ensemble Type: 

solo voice(s)+large ensemble or orchestra
choral accompanied
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