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$24.95 score

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fl, ob, cl, bsn, sop sax, hn, perc(2) (vibe, glock), piano, 2 vln, vla, vcl

Instrumentation : 

13 musicians

Duration (min): 


composer's note:

Unspoken romantic feelings. The absent, or undemonstrative, parent. Kitchen table tales of a like-minded ancestor. All of us have had deep connections to other human beings that are never expressed, yet hold a powerful influence over our thoughts and actions.

Silent Bond explores these connections. Two complementary textures occupy the same time frame, periodically converging, though without directly acknowledging one another. Late in the game a third force enters the scene, causing the music to veer off course. At the end, traces of the earlier synergy remain, but altered.


Ensemble Type: 

mixed instrumental ens 6 to 15 players
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