ERODOS - Hommage a Breton


Alternate Title: 

Eyewitness Report on the Death of Surrealism

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$28.95 score

Year Authored (or revised): 



36 voices and percussionist

Instrumentation : 

6 singers each: Sopranos I & II, Altos, Tenors, Basses I & 2; tubular bells, timpani, suspended clay flowerpots, gong, wind chimes, misc.

Duration (min): 



I: "Slowly the moon ..." [a cappella]
II: "and a chorus of ancient bells ..." [a cappella]
*** Cadenza [for percussionist]
III: "Spinning spinning ..." [with percussion]

Text Source/Author: 

Composer's own texts: poem & an account of the of the July, 20 1969 moon landing

First Performance: 

11/17/74 at the Indiana University Musical Arts Center; University Singers, Les Heschelman (percussion), Jan Harrington (conductor)

revised edition from 1973 original

Ensemble Type: 

choral accompanied

Hommage à Breton


12x 18 (coil binding)

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