Colloquy in the Labyrinth: A Sound-Light Ritual


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$16.50 color score

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speaker/percussionists, conductors, pianist-critic

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Speakers choose own texts -

First Performance: 

Indiana University School of Music [December 9, 1969]

Instrumentation in detai:

(A) 16 performers speak words, make vocal sounds , play percussion and musical instruments (specific words, vocal sounds, percussion sounds and instruments not designated - to be chosen by the performers.
(B) 4 mobile conductors
(C) pianist-critic

Ensemble Type: 

Instrumentalist(s) speak or perform text

To be performed in total darkness, the performers seated in a large square, the only illumination coming from the conductors' flashlights, their light colored (and substantially dimmed) with layers of stage light gels (red, green, blue, and yellow). The audience is seated around the periphery of a central performing area.

All 21 performers are improvising from beginning to end, according to a set of instructions, graphic images, and strategies.


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