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string quartet

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First performed by The Chiara Quartet at the John Knowles Paine Concert Hall on April
8, 2011.
Program Note:
String Quartet No. 3 was composed in the summer of 1999 at the Bennington Composers
Conference where I served as composer-in-residence. It is a 15-minute work in one
continuous movement divided into four contrasting “mini movements”:
light and loose
adagio {fugue}: piu allegro
adagio cantabile
piu allegro
The work consists of short cellular motifs based on the interval of the 3rd, expanded to
form 5ths and 7ths that move through the various instruments of the quartet to create a
constantly shifting texture. Complimenting this are short linear fragments that suggest a
potential melody without ever being fully stated. The slow contrasting adagio sections
are lyrical with extended melodic lines. The piece concludes with a return of the motion
and motifs of “light and loose.”

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string quartet (alone or + inst or voc)
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