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violin, cello, piano

TRIO by James Yannatos, composed in 1994 for the Cantabile Trio, received its world
premiere in November, 1995. The work, in D Major, is in three contrasting movements,
with the third movement brining back material from the first movement, completing a full
circle. Movement I, Allegro Vivo, is an energetic romp with 16th note scales tossed
between the three instruments juxtaposed with longer lines accompanied by a triplet
figuration. The second contrasting section, Piu Peasante, plays the piano with chords
against the angular lines in the violin and cello. Tempo I (Allegro Vivo) returns with
longer lines accompanied by triplet figuration from Part I, followed by rapid
juxtapositions of Piu Peasante and Tempo I to conclude the movement with the piano
holding a chord into Movement II, which includes Cadenzi in the various instruments, a
melodic Andante, a Minuet with alternating meters of ¾ 2/4, a Trio with short riffs, a
Minuet da capo and Andante da capo, making a full circle. Final held tones in the violin
and piano lead into Movement III, with a short introduction and an encapsulated return to
musical ideas from Movement I, forming a complete circle.

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instrumental trio
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