Mute Hand Muse [for a waking dreamer]


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TRIO: soprano, alto & bass flutes, piano

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Text Source/Author: 

poem by the composer, dated 1993

First Performance: 

October 23, 2015 at Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, California [Stephanie Aston, soprano; Rachel Rudich, flutes; Gayle Blankenburg, piano]

What if the distinction that we make between waking and dreaming were an artificial construct? To what extent could/do these states interpenetrate? Might they constitute an unbearable, inescapable non-binary continuum for Her (the micro-opera's sole protagonist)? Or, might the "laws" of the dream-state serve to liberate Her from imprisonment in the limitations of the waking world? The composer's own dream, described in the micro-opera's final "scene", has been with him in that waking world ever since he dreamed it, superimposing its Escher-esque geometry upon his perception of reality.

Ensemble Type: 

instrumental trio
Internal Fields


alto flute
bass flute
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