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Sax quartet

Instrumentation : 

Bb soprano, Eb alto, Bb tenor, Eb baritone

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Sikurtawa was written for TAWA Sax (Lima, Peru).
The piece is inspired by the Sikuri; a musical style from Peru and Bolivia. In traditional Sikuri there are usually around twenty siku players and drummers, using an interlocking technique to play the melody while the drums produce a fast, pounding beat in the rhythm of huayño.
Sikurtawa makes no attempt to emulate Sikuri and does not contain any quotations of traditional Sikuri melodies or rhythms; rather, it uses the form as a point of departure and inspiration for a driving, virtuosic, syncopated piece with interlocking passages and pounding rhythms.

Ensemble Type: 

instrumental quartet
Internal Fields


soprano saxophone
alto saxophone
tenor saxophone
baritone saxophone
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