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I. Slow Waltz #1
II. Interlude
III. Slow Waltz #2
IV. Slow Waltz #3 – R. Mutt
V. Slow Waltz #4
VI. Postlude

Initially, the title to this work - “The Slow Waltzes” - outlines the basic premise of the piece,
evoking a feeling of dancing in slow motion. On a deeper level, the music is a paradox, one of moving
effortlessly and maintaining a calm exterior while facing great difficulty and struggle. This struggle
only makes itself apparent in the way that the piece unfolds. It's a long work that makes demands on
the listener's patience, even if the sounds of the piano are expressive and attractive. There are points
when the music moves along more quickly, increases in volume, etc., but these aren't the normal modus
operandi for this composition.

The work also uses repetition in many ways. Some movements are variations of previous
movements in the piece; some movements are in 'theme-and-variation' format; others are somewhat
minimalistic in conception, in that these take a small kernel of thought and repeat and vary it for the
entire movement. Repetition is also a philosophical reflection on life itself, for it represents the idea
that conflicts never really disappear, but instead take on different forms, present new challenges, and
yield many awards as one grows older.

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solo keyboard
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