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$39 score with set of parts

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Instrumentation : 

Sextet: fl, cl, perc (glock, vib), piano (optional addl. celeste), violin, cello

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Composer's Note:  WindRiver is a "book of the hours" of one day on the French Mediterranean coast in the town of Cassis, a small port east of Marseilles. The day in question is dominated by the mistral, a cold alpine wind which surges down the Rhone river valley to the sea, setting water, fields, trees, and light into a constant oscillation. The piece begins as a dense web of materials, a jumble of memories which sorts itself out into a series of variations, each based on one strand of the opening which was assigned to a specific instrument. Sections of the music evoke such images and processes as wind-waves moving on the water's surface, counter to the waves underneath; similar wind-waves on grassy fields; and the play of moonlight on rippling water.

Ensemble Type: 

mixed instrumental ens 6 to 15 players
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