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$12.95 score; $19.95 2 scores

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Instrumentation : 

pf, vib OR solo vib OR vib, hp OR vib, gtr OR 2vib OR pf, vib, glock

Duration (min): 


Heterophonic realization:
Both players read from the same score, starting about five seconds apart and then proceeding as normal. In rehearsal, the players may find that the performer who starts second eventually "pass" the first and they are part of the creative give-and-take calculated into the score. The performers should listen carefully to one another, however, so that by the end of p.11 they are fairly close together. The last note of the piece should be played in unison.

Ensemble Type: 

duo inst or voices
instrumental trio

Generally done as a duo, but other possible realizations:
Solo vibraphone, vibraphone and harp, vibraphone and guitar (electric or acoustic amplified), two vibraphones.

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