VARIETY DAY, a Violin Concerto


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VARIETY DAY, Concerto for Violin

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vn, orch:2-2-2-2, 2-2-2-0,timp,hp,pf,str

Duration (min): 



I. Sock 10-G
II. Lush Pix Nix
III. B.O. Hypo

McBride named his concerto after Variety, the magazine for theatre/film/tv people, and gave its subtitles odd hames, related to the insider-speak of the film business. McBride's wife Carol said she subscribed to Variety, and its arrival date was known around the house as "variety day". Sock 10-G was a Variety term meaning a smash hit which earned over 10 grand. Lush Pix Nix was a big budget picture that did not do well at the box office. B.O. Hypo refers to box office "hype".

McBride wrote Variety Day originally as a sonata for violin and piano for the distinguished violinist Louis Kaufman (1905-1944), who premiered it with his wife, the pianist Annette Kaufman. The orchestra version was premiered by Howard Hanson at the Eastman School in 1951.

Violin concerto. See also the piano reduction as violin/piano sonata (same violin part).

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