TWO STRING QUARTETS (Advent; Crisis & Overcoming)


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$85.95 both quartet scores with parts
$49.95 Advent score with parts; or Crises & Overcoming score with parts
$39.95 Full score of both quartets

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Instrumentation : 

string quartet

Duration (min): 



Kronos Quartet: CRI SD 418, recorded on July 2 and 3, 1979, funded by an American Academy/Institute of Arts & Letters award; Reissue NWCR 604

Str Qrt No.1: Advent (21', 1978)
5mvts: 1.Visitation 2.Tumult Within the Soul
3.Tragic Vision 4.Summons & Response 5. Acceptance

Str Qrt No.2: Crisis & Overcoming (20',1979)
4mvts:No Subtitles

Ensemble Type: 

instrumental quartet
string quartet (alone or + inst or voc)

newly engraved score/parts available from ACA

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