Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

band:(1 to a part - total of 34 players) 3/picc.-3-.3/Ebcl-bcl.-2,

Duration (min): 




First Performance: 

April 11, 1975, Spring Wind Conference, Western Michigan University., Carl Bjerregaard, Conductor

A work for symphonic band and electronic sounds. The title alludes to the "Klangfarbe" nature of the piece, the electronic tracks consisting in large part of stacked polychordal triads which undergo constant timbral change, which is reflected in the wind parts throughout. There are many gestural and dramatic shifts in the piece, which includes some graphic and improvisational notation. The instrumental groups should also be deployed spatially seperated in the performance area to take advantage of the antiphonal characteristics of the work. There are technical challenges throughout, but not beyond the capabilities of strong college wind groups.

Ensemble Type: 

wind ensemble
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