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8 perc

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bells,xyl,vib,mar,timp., :kit1,lg.cym,hi.bongo,low bongo,hi&low woodblocks, hi&low tom,snare drum,sm.b.drum,:kit2,sizzle cym., lg.cym,med.cym,cow bell,hi&low military drum, hi&low tom,med.b.drum,:kit3,5 hi&low temple blocks, sm.cym,cow bell,hi wood

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First Performance: 

Nov. 28, 1989

for Frank Epstein and the NEC percussion ensemble.

TIMESHARES was completed in 1988 and is dedicated to Frank Epsten and the NEC Percussion Ensemble. The one movement work is divisible into several sections which are delineated by the timbral distribution and emphasis. The mallet percussion are often in opposition to the non deflnte pitch percussion while the timpani has divided loyalties: at times it assists the pitched instruments, at other times it joins forces with the pure percussion instruments. The various parts weave in and out of sync :Finally joining together in an ensemble presentation of a tune which is a misty revelation of a remembered Ghanian "Kyrie Eleison" from the Dagaare Mass.

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percussion featured

percussion ensemble (8)

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