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$44.95 full score

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Instrumentation : 

Soprano, Saxophone quartet, Narrator, optional chorus

Text Source/Author: 

Text by composer, inspired by memoirs of Philip Markowicz

First Performance: 

January 2006, Red Clay Saxophone Quartet, Interfaith Choir from and Atlanta Synagogue and Baptist Church

A full performance of Tikvah has 9 movements, 4 short interludes, 3 choral movements with vocal soloists, narrations from the memoirs of Philip Markowicz and a reading of
the Kaddish. Any of these works can be performed separately or in combination with anyother work from Tikvah as part of a concert, but a full performance of Tikvah will  take a full evening.

Ensemble Type: 

solo voice(s)+2 to 6 instruments
instrumental quartet

Individual movements and parts for those movements can be sold separately; Movements vii and ix are performed from the full score.

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soprano saxophone
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tenor saxophone
baritone saxophone
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