THREE IMAGES for cello and orchestra (orch or reduced score)


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Solo Cello, 2 Fl (2. also P., also Alt. Fl.), 2 Ob (2. also EH), 2 Cl (2. also Picc. Cl.), Bass Cl, 2 Bn, ContrBn, 3 Hn, 3 Tpt, 2 Tbn (2. = Bass Tbn), Tuba, 2 Perc., Mandolin (I. & II. only), Hrp, Str. (min. 8,6,6,4,3). Perc. instr: Bells (Glockensp),

Duration (min): 



I. If I Touch Near the Fire (Si toco junto al fuego)
II. If I Look at the Crystal Moon (Si miro la luna de cristal)
III. I Saw the Last Bird Fly (Vi volar el último pájaro)

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Titles of movements based on lines from poems by Pablo Neruda

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$36.95 pf reduced score with solo cello part
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