Three Elusive Rags


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Three Elusive Rags

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U of Illinois Champaign Urbana, Smith Recital Hall, 1991, composer at piano / 25 Sep 1991 Performed by Anthony De Mare at Tyron Theater, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

1. Mystery Rag; 2. Elegaic Rag; 3. Transylvanian Tickler

Mystery Rag (1989) is a melange of Mahler’s symphonies (in particular, his Symphony No. 6) and piano ragtime. In Elegiac Rag (1989) the melodies are influenced by a Bach chorale (In Thee is Joy) and it concludes with a transcription of a Welsh hymn tune, O Fryniau Caersalem (‘From Salem’s Hills Yonder in Glory’) originally sung by Pedwarawd Wilkes-Barre, a Welsh choir from Pennsylvania in the 1920s. It appeared on a 1985 Morning Star Records release entitled You Can Tell The World About This. The last piece in this tryptich, Transylvanian Tickler (1990) is a shameless pastiche of Bartok in ragtime.

PDF available / Recording available on STOLEN MUSIC (Capstone Records)


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