SYNTHECISMS NO. 6 (Nocturne for Percussion Ensemble and Tape)


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Equilibrium EQ47 "Distant Visions"

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Michael Udow, University of Michigan

This piece is 6th in a series of electro-acoustic works written between 1987 and 1997. This score was commissioned by Michael Udow for the University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble. At the beginning, the tape part introduces an environment that allows the percussion instruments to focus on producing a continuous sheen of soft legato sounds and delicate tone colors. A varying series of arpeggios in imitated between the tape and the live instruments. The notation allows for flexibility and freedom of phrasing within the context of precise boundaries. The marimba solo in the middle of the work develops out of previously stated materials and emerges out of the texture to create a focal point. Recorded for the Equilibrium label in the McIntosh THeater by the University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble, directed by Michael Udow.

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