SUNBURST for clarinet and orchestra


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cl & orch:pic-2-2-ehn-2-bcl-2-cbsn,4-3-2-1-1, timp,4perc,hp,str

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Richard Stoltzman - "Reflections" Warsaw National Philarmonic Orchestra, George Manahan, conductor, MMC 2105

SUNBURST, bright, flashing, bursting in all directions, is a celebration in sound. As an initial theme develops, we become aware of a continuous line, almost relentless, within its strongly syncopated surroundings. The percussion assumes a prominent role, giving the work a propulsive rhythmic character. Besides highlighting the orchestral accents, it sometimes works as an opposing syncopating force; other times, it helps to create unique instrumental timbres. Perlongo exploits the clarinet's high register creatively and energetically. Together with the dominant lively tempo, the composer conveys the impression of a sunburst with the uninhibited clarinet wailing over the orchestra. The orchestra's relationship with the clarinet, beginning as two contending forces, ends up as a collaboration at the idyllic sequence of the finale. According to Perlongo, "the listener is left with an echo, a taste of togetherness."

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