Print Edition Price: 

$21.95 score+part + DVD

Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

clarinet, piano and DVD

Duration (min): 


First Performance: 

January 21, 2012, at the University of Maine

"The Star Theatre" uses digitally processed historic footage of early 20th-century theatrical performances, as well as photographs of old theaters and stages, within a contemplative work for clarinet, piano and electronic sound.

Ensemble Type: 

solo inst+keyboard
duo inst or voices
solo or ensemble + video or image projection

DVD should be played back so that the video image is projected near the performers, and the stereo audio output of the DVD is played back over a speaker system in the hall. 

Amplification of the live performers will depend on the size of the hall, but they sound should never be covered by the DVD sound.

The Star Theatre

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