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$15.95 score

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Instrumentation : 

High (Medium-High) Voice and Piano; flute

Text Source/Author: 

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

1. The Swing
2. Where Go the Boats
3. From a Railway Carriage
4. My Bed is a Boat
5. My Shadow (Flute)
6. Requiem

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With the exception of Requiem, these songs are set to poems from the beloved A Child's Garden of Verses. They are not children's songs, but exprss the joy, humor, and wonder, common to human beings of all ages. My Shadow may be performed with a piano instead of flute if a flutist is unavailable. Stevenson's Requiem is carved on his tombstone, which lies on the island of Samoa, where he spent his last years.

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