Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

SATB a cappella

Duration (min): 


Text Source/Author: 

Charles Simic; From Selected Poems, 1963-1983 (Georges Braziller) Used with Permission

15 poems of Charles Simic set for SATB choir.

Simic Songs is a book of fifteen settings of poetry by the
American Charles Simic. I have long been drawn to the precise
imagery, verbal concision, and trenchant wit of Simic’s work. Its
combination of intimacy and fantasy seems ideally suited to the
form and tradition of the madrigal, especially in its great
flowering of the late Renaissance.

This is a “book” of madrigals, rather than a cycle. While
all fifteen may be performed in a single concert, it is not
required. The order of songs in the book only reflects the
chronology of their composition. Ensembles are encouraged to
select and order individual numbers as they please, discovering
their own interpretive and musical connections.
Tempo and timing indications for each madrigal are meant
as suggestions, rather than dicta. Performers can always take
liberty with tempo and rhythmic phrasing when they feel it
enhances the meaning or comprehension of the text.

Ensemble Type: 

choral a cappella
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