Settimana Ljubljana (Ljubljana Vignettes)


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$34.95 score with parts

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Instrumentation : 

fl, cl, tbn, perc (1), pf, vla, vcl

Duration (min): 



1. Through the Julian Alps
2. Kanal Concert
3. Tartini al Piran
4. Ljubljanski grad – Castle Hill
5. Ljubljanica Promenade – River Walk
6. Pletna Ride
7. Church Bell on Lake Bled

First Performance: 

10/4/10, Ljubljana, Slovenia, UNICUM Contemporary Music Festival, Ensemble MD7, Matej Zupan, fl, Jože Kotar, cl, Mihael Šuler, trbn, Franci Kreuh, perc, Luca Ferrini, pno, Katja Krajnik, vla, Igor Mitrović, vcl, Steven Loy, cond, Pavel Mihelćić, artistic

The composer writes: I composed Settimana Ljubljana (Ljubljana Vignettes) for Ensemble MD7, and dedicate it to Majda and Pavel Mihelcic, who introduced me, so graciously, to a panorama of Slovenia, some of the many beauties and wonders to which I refer in this composition. My work utilizes an isorhythm, which here consists of a succession of three rhythmic subdivisions: 1) sextuplets, leading into 2) quadruplets, and succeeded by 3) a dotted rhythm. From the first phrase and throughout the entire work, this succession of subdivisions acts as a unifying device over which variations are heard. The variations are in seven continuous movements or vignettes – brief evocative, musical episodes: 1) Through the Julian Alps is introduced by a snare drum roll; 2) Kanal Concert begins with the entrance of the bongos; 3) Tartini al Piran sounds a tuning “A” in the piano; 4) the tam-tam and a long tone in the trombone signals Ljubljanski grad – Castle Hill; 5) the bongos return for Ljubljanica Promenade – River Walk;   6) very soft chords in the piano bring in Pletna Ride; and 7) three bell chimes evoke the island setting of Church Bell on Lake Bled.

Ensemble Type: 

mixed instrumental ens 6 to 15 players

Bb Clarinet (score in c)

Percussion (one player)
Snare Drum
Suspended Cymbal (large)
Tubular Bells


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