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$39.95 score with 2 parts

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Instrumentation : 

vln, vc, pf

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Composer's note: My Piano Trio No.2, “The Blossom”, takes its cue from the image of a flower’s growth. Its three movements chart a course from frozen symmetry to effulgent bloom. On a purely musical level, these metaphors are worked out via an ongoing exploration of aural symmetry.

1. “Frozen”. Here all is symmetry. Symmetries of intervals that generate a ladder of pitches “frozen” in particular registers. Symmetries of time, the music following a strict ternary form, with palindromes abounding. This movement is a “seed”, a template from which more dynamic, propulsive art can emerge.

2. “Thawing”. The music begins to branch out, literally, with long arching lines that become ever more florid and detailed. Its aching, yearning quality suggests a will to grow and transcend constraints. Its symmetries now are more of gesture than structure. The strict abstract constraints of the first movement melt under the merging life force.

3. “In Bloom”. Lines have become free and racing; they create a delicate tangled web. The music rushes like water or wind, but it leaves a trace like sprouting tendrils.

Ensemble Type: 

duo or ensemble+ keyboard
instrumental trio
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