PIANO SONATA NO. 2 "The Big Room"


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1. The Clouds are Scattering…
2. The Big Room
3. The World Turned Upside Down


Innova 857

Program note excerpt:  In the first movement, a space is opened up via the interaction of skittering blocks of music, whose collision create dynamic tension and growth. It is also distinguished by the use of the sostenuto pedal, which allows chordal "ghosts" (related to the hamonies of the second movement) to resonate through the background. This movement, "premonition" of sorts, raises the curtain and defines the stage on which the second movement's nocturnal utterance can naturally unfold. Also, to my surprise, the work evolved into a fairly strict sonata form (with various inflections, such as the repeat of the exposition being in fact "developed" so that it is twice as long as its original version).

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solo keyboard

Written for Kathleen Supové

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