Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

2 pfs

Duration (min): 




Text Source/Author: 

6 Japanese Haikus (texts cleared)

First Performance: 

January 20, 1978, University of Chicago, Abraham & Arlene Stokman, Pianists

6 nocturnes for 2 pianos, based on 6 Japanese haiku, each of which alludes to the evening or night. The entire set is to a large extent focused on sound color achieved through articulation, figuration, and pedal technics, as well as some performing directly on the strings. There are many moments of rhythmic complexity, and ensemble between the pianists can be challenging. For advanced performers only.

Ensemble Type: 

multiple keyboards

transferred to C. F. Peters corp 4/15/81. Supported by a Creative Activities Fellowship, University of Michigan.

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