NIGHTSONGS - 6 songs for voice and piano


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voice and piano (high, medium, low ranges)

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African-American poets including Langston Hughes


Darryl Taylor

6 songs: Prayer (Langston Hughes), Drums of Tragedy (Langston Hughes), The Heart of a Woman (Georgia Douglas Johnson), Night Song (Clarissa Scott Delany), Sence You Went Away (James Weldon Johnson), and Creole Girl (Morgan Collins).

The medium voice vocal edition matches the orchestral version created for Mezzo Soprano Hilda Harris.  It contains low voice version of "Drums," and high voice version of "Sense."

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Keys/Voice Ranges for Nightsongs:



D flat "low" / B flat to D flat
E flat "medium / C to E flat
G flat "high" / E flat to G flat


"Drums of Tragedy"

B flat minor "low" / B flat to F flat
C minor "medium" / C to G flat
E flat minor / "high" / E flat to A


"The Heart of a Woman"

D "low" / A to D
F "medium" / C to F
A flat "high" / E flat to A flat


"Night Song"

C minor "low" / G to D
E flat minor "medium" / B flat to F
G minor "high" / D to A


"Sence You Went Away"

E flat "low" / C to D
F "medium" / D to F flat
G "high" / E to G flat


"Creole Girl"

G minor "low" / G flat to D
B minor "medium" / C sharp to F sharp
D minor "high" / D flat to A

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[Adams] Nightsongs - in all keys, high,medium, and low

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NIGHTSONGS - 6 songs for voice and piano



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